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Trucking is a business within IV-Online that has players move trailers containing goods to various locations around the city.

Player VS Environment functionality

Players that are in the trucking career are given a trailer that must be brought to an objective area. There is no PVE functionality within this career.

Player VS Player functionality

Players are instructed to drive to the objective area safely and securely. Players that are criminals can actually attack and steal the trailer to their own discretion to sell the contents within the trailer. Truckers must defend their vehicles at all costs.

Cooperative functionality

Much like the LCPD faction, truckers have a tool to keep direct communication anywhere in the city. Players in the Trucker career have a CB Radio. The CB Radio only works in trucks and has two frequencies. 1 for the job site. 2 for nearby truckers.

The trucker career works hand-in-hand with the Import/Export career. Truckers move any goods that are ordered around the city.