The Meetup
IV-Online Heists
For: Gary Mitnick
Location: The fountain in Middle Park
Target: Watch the cutscene
Mission Objectives: • Watch the cutscene
Conditions of mission failure: • How could you fail this?
Reward: Nothing
Protagonist(s): Multiplayer Protagonist
Unlocks: Planning (VANG)
Unlocked by: Pre-story phone call (Heists)

The Meetup is the second and last introductory mission in the Heists update.


Gary Mitnick is sitting on the ledge of the fountain in Middle Park. He's looking looking down at his phone while people walk past him. The Multiplayer Protagonist walks up to the fountain looking around for Gary, noticing him sitting on the other side. They sit next to eachother for a second before Gary says anything.

"Okay, good to see you. I'm Gary, but, I'm sure you already knew that considering you spotted me before I even spotted you." He says to the Multiplayer Protagonist. "And your name is...?" The Multiplayer Protagonist doesn't respond.

Gary shows a slight bit of displeasure with the Multiplayer Protagonist's response. "Ah, well, I shouldn't have asked that anyway considering I know your name and how talkative you are. Okay, I'll get straight to the point: I want to back in the game, you know? I want power again. I want money. I want information. And you... you want money. I know you work for various people around the city. I know where you live. Where you like to hang out. Your friends. Your enemies." The Multiplayer Protagonist leans back a bit and gives Gary a disgruntled look. Gary realizes he's said too much and recluses a bit.

"Okay, you're right. I'm sorry but you know how it is. We can be friends, or enemies. That is entirely up to you. If we work together, I can promise you that you'll get your money. So... do we have a deal?" As he finishes his sentence, Gary extends his hand in hopes that the Multiplayer Protagonist will agree. The Multiplayer Protagonist shakes his hand and nods a bit.

"Nice. I'll put a clip for our planning location on your Phone's GPS. It's an old Sprunk Factory in Alderney. You know which one I'm talking about." Gary waves as he walks away. The Multiplayer Protagonist gets up from their seat and the screen fades to black.