The Expensive Stuff
IV-Online Heists
For: Gary Mitnick
Location: Vangelico Jewelry, Algonquin
Target: Find the most expensive diamonds
Mission Objectives: • Go to Vangelico Jewelry

• Talk to a representative

• Pinpoint the most expensive diamonds

Conditions of mission failure: • All players die

• Cover blown

Reward: Nothing
Protagonist(s): Multiplayer Protagonist
Unlocks: System override
Unlocked by: Painted Pony

This is the second prep-mission of the Vangelico Heist mission strand in the Heists update.

Text message

"Great job on getting that Pony. Everything is coming along nicely. Next up, we need to pinpoint the most valuable diamonds. We shouldn't waste any time grabbing cubic zirconia or some other cheap nonsense. Talk to a representative and ask for a tour of their stock. Once you find the most expensive diamonds, leave. Don't blow your cover. This is crucial to the job. Good luck. -eHero"

Mission Act 1

The player(s) are instructed to drive to Vangelico Jewelry in order to pinpoint the best diamonds. Once players arrive, they must walk up to the counter to initiate the cutscene.


"Hello! Welcome to Vangelico Jewelry. As you can obviously see, we house the Jewelry in Liberty State! How may I help you?" The woman at the front counter ask the Multiplayer Protagonist. The Multiplayer Protagonist remains silent and keep eye contact with her. "Ah, well, the prices range differently depending on the type of Jewelry. Each section of the store has different kinds of gems and diamonds. Take a look around and let me know if you need anything." The woman says, reaching for her cellphone.

Mission Act 2

Players are instructed to look around and pinpoint the most expensive diamonds, judging by their price tags. When close to a display case, players are instructed to press E for a better view. Players must highlight the most expensive Jewelry in order to keep them marked. Players must make sure to be careful and not cause any trouble so they do not blow their cover.

After players pinpoint all diamonds of interest, they are instructed to leave. The mission is finished once the player(s) are outside of the building.

What can blow a player's cover

  • Pulling out a weapon
  • Fighting
  • Bumping into to people repeatedly
  • Smashing the display case
  • Going in to restricted areas