System override
IV-Online Heists
For: Gary Mitnick
Location: Harrison Avenue, Broker
Target: Break into the Liberty City network
Mission Objectives: • Go to the server outpost

• Begin installing the malware into the server host

• Defend the server outpost while the malware installs

• Leave the area

Conditions of mission failure: • All players die

• The server machine is destroyed

Reward: Nothing
Protagonist(s): Multiplayer Protagonist
Unlocks: One of the Heist finale missions (Check Planning (VANG) for more info.
Unlocked by: The Expensive Stuff

This is the third prep-mission of the Vangelico Heist mission strand in the Heists update.

Text message

"Okay let's be quick. There is a server outpost just off of Harrison Street. I've installed some malware on to your phone (Don't worry, it's not for you). I need you to hook up your phone to the server host and let the malware install itself into the Liberty City network. With this, I'll be able to monitor and help you during the real job. Some guys might end up showing up to snoop around once they detect that something is breaking in. You know what to do. -eHero"


The player(s) are instructed to drive to the Server Outpost off of Harrison Avenue. When players arrive, they are instructed to hook up their cell phone to the Server Host to begin installing the malware (Activated by pressing E when near the machine).

Immediately after the malware installation begins guards will be sent to the Server Outposts. Players must protect the outpost at all costs. Enemies will show up in numerous variances and become increasingly more difficult as the installation progresses.

When the installation is finished, players must flea the area to finish the mission.

Enemy types

Standard Guard

  • Health: 100%
  • Armor: 25%
  • Weapon: MP5

Advanced Guard

  • Health: 100%
  • Armor: 50%
  • Weapon: M4

Professional Guard

  • Health: 100%
  • Armor: 100%
  • Weapon: M249 SAW