Before the story for the Heists update starts, the Multiplayer Protagonist receives a phone call by Gary Mitnick.


  • ~Cell Phone rings~
  • Mutliplayer Protagonist answers the phone. Gary's callrr ID is "eHero" before being added as Gary into the Phonebook.
  • "Hello. I'm eHero. You probably know me better by my real name, Gary Mitnick. I'm contacting you for two reasons: I want money and you do too. So, with that in mind, I figured we could help eachotherr out. Imm sure you know about my technological skills and I know how good you are at physical work. Now, before you think this is a prank call and hang up, I want you to know I have been watching you for the past few weeks. Taking down good guys and bad guys, robbing convenience stores, and even making moves with Carlo Callough. I want us to meet at by the fountain in Middle Park. I'm looking forward to seeing you."
  • The call is ended and the Multiplayer Protagonist places their phone back in their pocket. A lime green H blip appears in middle park on the radar after the phone call is finished.