Painted Pony
IV-Online Heists
For: Gary Mitnick
Location: Soldiers Plaza, Broker
Target: Steal the Pony
Mission Objectives: • Steal the Pony

• Customize the van for the Heist

• Drop the Pony off at the old Sprunk factory

Conditions of mission failure: • All players die

• Pony is destroyed

Reward: Nothing
Protagonist(s): Multiplayer Protagonist
Unlocks: The Expensive Stuff
Unlocked by: Planning (VANG)

This is the first prep-mission of the Vangelico Heist mission strand in the Heists update.

Text message

"Hey, I found a pony that belongs to Face Jewelry. If we take this van and leave it the way it is Vangelico will think the heist was pulled off by Face! It's currently at Soldiers Plaza in Broker. I've placed the Pony's location on your map. When you take it, customize it. Be sure to change it's plate! You know where to leave it. -eHero"


The Player(s) must hijack the Pony from Soldiers Plaza. It is in the middle of the Arch with two Face representatives guarding it. The player(s) must kill the two guards and take the Pony to the Pay 'n' Spray on the Southern end of Outlook park. When at the Pay 'n' Spray, players can customize features about the Pony, excluding the paint job. Once they have finished customizing the Pony, players are instructed to drive the Pony to the Sprunk factory.

Guard Statistics

Both guards are carrying 50% armor and Glock 17s. They should pose little to no threat.