Multiplayer Protagonist
There is no determinant look for the Multiplayer Protagonist.
Appearance(s): IV-Online
Also known as: Determinant,

Slick, Noob

Status: Alive
Date of birth: Determinant
Place of birth: Determinant
Date of death: Determinant
Home: Determinant
Nationality: Determinant
Family: Determinant
Main affiliation: Gary Mitnick
Vehicle(s): Determinant
Businesses: Determinant
Voiced by: Determinant

The Multiplayer Protagonist is the central character in IV-Online. They have no determinate look or personality. Who and how they are is entirely up to the player's discretion.


The backstory is left loose for the sake of player determinant stories. The only canon action the Protagonist's background is that they flew to Liberty City as the start of the story.

Character creation

The Multiplayer Protagonist supports full customization for clothing and head type. When a player first creates their character, they must choose a head. There are four head types with many decisions for it's texture. Once the player has chosen a head, the initial creation is finalized. There is no way to switch a head back. The only possible to way choose a new head type is to create a new character entirely.


After creating a character, the player is given multiple presets of clothing they can choose from. When the time is right and the player has enough money, they can go to stores and buy different types of clothing. When shopping for clothing or using the wardrobe in their property, the player can mix and match every single piece of clothing.