Missions are complex tasks given to The Multiplayer Protagonist. They are separated by the boss that assigns them and whether or not they are cooperative.

Cooperative Missions

Roman Bellic (STORY)

  1. As easy as can be
  2. Wrong place, wrong time
  3. Not that sort of escort
  4. The Cab Driver
  5. Getting rid of the evidence

The Voice (STORY)

  1. The Hit
  2. The Second Hit
  3. The Third Hit
  4. Another Hit
  5. The Final Hit

Claire (STORY)

  1. Who's who?
  2. The marksman shuffle
  3. Criminal Minds
  4. Liquidizing assets
  5. Liquidizing relationships

Carlo Callough (STORY)



Competitive missions are a toss between narrative and PVP situations.

  1. The SPANK Hustle
  2. Movers and Shakers
  3. Cover the Crook
  4. GTAPC
  5. Dirty Dollars