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For: Roman Bellic
Location: Roman's Taxi Depot, Bohan
Target: Find the most expensive diamonds
Mission Objectives: • Go to Vangelico Jewelry

• Talk to a representative

• Pinpoint the most expensive diamonds

Conditions of mission failure: • All players die

• Cover blown

Reward: $500
Protagonist(s): Multiplayer Protagonist
Unlocks: Wrong place, wrong time

This is the first mission in Roman Bellic's mission strand.


The Multiplayer Protagonist walks into Roman's office. The scene instantly skips ahead to the Protagonist signing an employment sheet. Roman smiles and politely motions for the Protagonist to get to a cab.

Mission Act 1

Dispatch contacts the Protagonist as soon as they leave the depot in a cab.

"Hey, new jack. There's a guy in Dukes that needs to be picked up. He sounded like he's in a hurry, so move your butt."

The player is instructed to drive to the location in Dukes and pick up the customer. It is a shady looking twenty-something African American Male.

Cutscene (Act Transition)

The customer gets in the back seat and quickly pulls out their phone. "Hey man" The customer says, "Take me to uh... Higgins Helitours. I gotta meet someone there."

Mission Act 2

The player is instructed to drive to Higgins Helitours. Once they arrive, they are attacked by a bunch of thugs.

"Hey! Get on the fuckin' ground nigga!" Is shouted by one of the thugs. They come over to the Protagonist and the Customer and pull them out of the car. They force the Customer to their knees and shoot them in the head. "That's what that motha fucka gets for not payin' up." One thug says. "Yo, whatta bout them? They was with 'em." another thug asks. "Shit, kill 'em. They probably helped they ass."

The thug holding the Protagonist on the ground points their AK47 at their head. The Protagonist quickly grabs their right leg and tugs on it, forcing the thug to the ground. The Protagonist quickly gets back up and scurries behind the vehicle.

The player can kill the thugs or drive off. If the thugs are killed, they player can pick up their cash for additional money. The Thugs are armed with AK47s and body armor. They take cover behind planting areas.

Dispatch message (Act Transition)

Dispatch contacts the Protagonist right as they enter the cab.

"Get back to the depot whenever. I heard those gunshots, we'll take of any damage done to the vehicle. Just try to be careful?"

Mission Act 3

The player must drive back to the Cab Depot. Upon arriving, they are reward $500.